Women to Know: Stylist LaTonya Staubs

In partnership with Refinery29, we’re celebrating incredible women like LaTonya Staubs. A stylist, image consultant, blogger, mom of two and true Brooklyn native, she’s all about community and encouraging other women to succeed.

LaTonya has helped pregnant and new moms transition their wardrobes for their new roles and bodies, and she now works directly with brands to bring their creative styling ideas to fruition. She shares her thoughts on a wide range of topics, from dancing to what makes a great-fitting jean to how she’d like to help change the world.

Liverpool Bridget Highwaist Ankle Jeans in Petrol, $79.00

Liverpool Coated Denim Jacket, $96.00


Bet you didn’t know this about LaTonya:

I am a terrible singer, but I dance throughout the day – no matter what I'm doing. Keeps everything light.

How does style help you express yourself?

My personal style allows me the space to create and recreate myself every day if I choose to. It is an act of joy and resistance all in one.

Why do you love the fit and feel of your Liverpool Jeans?

In general, I am often wary of jeans if I don't personally get to try them on first. I find that not many make room for girls with curves with smaller waists. My jeans came in a smaller size (which was surprising) but they hugged my hips and bottom perfectly – which is hard! There was no sinking back, saggy crotch (that often comes with jeans that say they work for girls with larger bottoms).


Liverpool Coated Denim Jacket, $96.00


What brings you joy?

Getting dressed, being comfortable in my skin, New York, and my children. Things I get to do and see every single morning – what a gift!

What’s one way you’d like to make a difference in the world?

By being honest and encouraging others to be more collective and community driven, while helping other women. I don't know, I like to think that I am among many in this collective shift of women truly helping other women and hiring women (specifically women of color).

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to women about style?

There is no singular part or way to style or dress. Allow yourself room to accommodate to whoever you are right then and there.

Life motto:

Life is worth living.


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