Liverpool is worn by a beautiful and diverse range of women – tens of thousands of you in all shapes, lifestyles and stages of life. What we see from you every day is that style transcends generations, and we think that’s worth celebrating.

So we gathered some of the women who work at Liverpool – and their moms and daughters – to talk to us about style and relationships.


Bernadette, Customer Service Specialist, & mom Shirley

“My mom gave me my attitude on life, my personality and my compassion. She’s unique. She always told me, ‘you be yourself & don't worry what others may think.’" – Bernadette

Shirley (left) wears the Charlie Wide Cuff Capri in Lakewood ($89) 

Bernie (right) wears the Cami Crop in Edison Mid Blue Destruct ($79)





Cindy, Production Manager, & mom Lily 

“My mom taught me to dress the outfit instead of letting the outfit dress you." – Cindy

Cindy described her mom’s style as more modest, and her own as more playful. So we mixed it up by putting Lily in an unstoppable acid wash jacket – and she definitely shines through. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself, as long as you’re true to who you are.

Cindy (left) wears the Avery Crop in Olive Night ($89) 

Lily (right) wears the Cami Crop in Black Rinse ($79) & the Powerflex Zip Jacket in Black Acid ($98)


Molly, Assistant Designer, & mom Gerri 

"My mom pulls off style effortlessly. She taught me that it’s not always about what you’re wearing, it’s about how it makes you feel. As long as you have confidence & a great smile, anything will look great." - Molly

Molly and Gerri share a laid back sensibility and incredibly bright smiles. Inside and out, beauty is hereditary.

Molly (left) wears the Abby Skinny Bright White ($89) and the Bomber Jacket in Bleachout ($98) 

Gerri (right) wears the Corey Cropped Boyfriend in Luna Destruct ($79) and the Denim Zip Jacket in Belmont Bleach ($96)


Veronica, Sales Assistant, & daughter Evelyn 

“My mother has taught me that style is a way to identify who you are as a person – it’s what you’re feeling at the moment.” – Veronica

“My mother is like the seasons, she is always changing it up but somehow it always works.“ – Evelyn

From her mother, Veronica learned to embrace life with wide open arms, and she passed that spirit down to her daughter, Evelyn. Together they look to understand the world from many different perspectives.

Veronica (left) wears the Abby Skinny in Stone Wash ($79)
Evelyn (right) wears the Avery Crop in Edison Blue ($79


Selena, Senior Graphics / Marketing Designer, & mom Quan 

"My mom taught me that style is more about wearing what makes you comfortable, instead of what everyone else is wearing. It's more about being yourself and not what other people think is 'cool.'" – Selena

“I raised 4 children, but my mother raised 9. The most important thing I learned from her is compassion.” – Quan

Selena also thanks her mom for her long legs – which never go out of style.

Selena (left) wears the Abby Skinny in Vintage Super Dark ($96) 

Quan (right) wears the Michelle Capri in Sharkskin $79


MJ, Director of Technical Design, & daughter Emma 

“Style is what you make it, own your style!” – MJ

Emma describes her mom’s style as “rocker chic,” while MJ describes her daughter’s as “fashionably classic." At 13, Emma has an exciting road ahead of her, and she carries generations of free-thinking attitude with her

MJ & Emma are both wearing the Alec Crop in Vintage Super Dark ($79)







Cynthia, Associate Designer, & mom Melanie 

"If there's one thing I got from my mom, it's her BIG HAIR" - Cynthia

That’s not all she got from Melanie. Cynthia also learned that less is more, that you don’t need fancy accessories or bold pieces to complete a classic look.

Melanie (left) wears Charlie Wide Cuff Capri in Lakewood ($89) 

Cynthia (right) wears Charlie Wide Cuff Capri in Mansfield Super Light ($89)






Denise, Customer Service Specialist, mom Lu and daughters Hailey & Lindsey

"There is no age limit with fashion." – Denise

Denise gathered 3 generations of Liverpool women, bringing her mom and daughters to share the experience. Lu passed on a strong sense of faith and family. Denise passed on “brutal honesty” and mile long legs (her daughters both thank her for that). The four women share the same laugh – which we saw a lot of that day.

Left image:
Denise (left) wears the Charlie Wide Cuff Capri in Mansfield Super Light ($89)
Lu (right) wears the Gwen Wide Cuff Capri Vintage Super Dark ($59)

Right image:
Lindsey (left) wears the Corey Cropped Boyfriend in Montauk Mid ($79)
Denise (middle left) wears the Abby Skinny Hydra Stone ($89)
Lu (middle right) wears the Gwen Wide Cuff Capri Vintage Super Dark ($59)
Hailey (right) wears the Sienna Pull On in Indigo Rinse ($79)


“The thing I got most from my Mom was Tenacity – I’ve always taken risks and faced challenges head-on. My Mom always wondered where I got my strength and courage – she didn’t know I got it from her –she was super encouraging while always being supportive. I learned early on to take risks because my Mom always made me feel like I could always come home if it didn’t work out.” –Jill Perilman


Thank you Perilman’s for sharing your inspiring company family. Seeing these beautiful ladies styled impeccably and reading their sweet tributes made me smile.
Well done. Wishing you more success.

Amy Hyde July 25, 2017

We may be partial since we know all these beatiful ladies that work at Liverpool! What a fantastic photo essay that transends generations with Liverpool having something special for all women! Now we have the guys! When do we get get our pictures taken?

Michael & Susannah OKeefe July 01, 2017

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